A Thank You To My Clients

By Katherine Ryan on February 10, 2017

Recently I celebrated my 4th year anniversary of being in solo private practice. Those four years have sped by so quickly. I remain humbled by my work with my clients. My clients are very complimentary and appreciative of the gains made in therapy. Please accept this blog post as my public Thank You.

Let me thank you for your courage. It takes an inordinate amount of courage to show up for me and to show up for yourself week after week and dig into painful feelings and lean into un-comfortableness.

Thank you for your honesty when the homework I offer you doesn’t work for you or you find yourself confused by it. That provides me the opportunity to clarify the homework or to provide you with a different tool that may work better for you.

I appreciate your patience and forgiveness when I muck up.

Sometimes I can get off track during sessions, I appreciate it when you bring me back.

Thank you for your commitment to the process of therapy and to the time that is reserved for you. Although you all get my “therapy is a commitment…” spiel in one of your first sessions I realize life often tries to intrude and reshuffle your priorities. Thank you for honoring the time commitment you made to yourself and to me.

Thank you for allowing me into your life and heart. Thank you for your trust. I am committed to help you reach your therapy goals.

And… please take the time to complete my Satisfaction Survey. Your comments are valuable!

KMR07. re-size 3 07.14 D  ~Katherine Ryan, LMHC, “Soul Stitcher”.  Katherine’s practice, Harmony Counseling, is in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  She enjoys helping adults, children and teens become unstuck through psychotherapy and family mediation.   Katherine also offers training & consulting to organizations as well as equine assisted team building opportunities.

109~Nina is a two year old Standard Poodle and often accompanies Katherine to work and most other places.


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