By Katherine Ryan on August 19, 2015

By petalouda62

Photo by Petalouda62

I was invisible ~ for so long~ to so many.

Seen by few ~ glimpsed at, at times.

Understood, truly understood, by nobody.

Until, until, until my despair & my pain was witnessed.

Then, then, then, it was “Look at me, everyone, do you see me?”

No, no, no, you see the outside, the facade, the me I thought I needed to be to be visible.

Please, please, please, Yes, yes, yes were familiar refrains.

Now, now, now I say “No” without apology or explanation.

I am here ~ this is my voice ~ this is my heart ~ this is my soul, visible to those who can see and who are deserving.

~ writer wishes to remain anonymous



239 Boston Street, Topsfield, MA 01983