Coming Soon!

By admin on November 11, 2013

I am excited to communicate with you on a regular basis. Please check back soon for the latest news. Thank you!

Since last February I have been saying “I need to write a blog”.  I vary that by saying “I am going to write a blog tonight.” Replace “tonight” with “this weekend”, “tomorrow”.  Or with the change of seasons….  Or with the 1-year anniversary of Harmony Counseling.  I am sure you get the picture.

One of my barriers were the parameters that I allowed to be set.  My business coach, the uber-energized Deborah McLaughlin, wanted me to write blogs that reference the “soul stitching” that I do.  My website designer, the wonderful Kim Jones, would like it if I wrote a blog that used phrases that optimized SEO such as children, adolescents, therapy, hope, healing, transformation, harmony.  I don’t do well when I try to follow parameters set by others, this I know!

If you know me in a professional capacity you know that I pay close attention to language; especially the language you use.  You can probably spy what I would clarify in my first sentence ~ it’s the word “need”.

I was reminded of the negative connotations of that work twice in the past week.  “Need” is a chore.  “Want” is a desire.  “Need” has its’ roots in fear, “want” has roots in love.

Do I need or want to not only writing the first blog but to also commit writing one weekly?

I want to.

What in your life have you been thinking of as a “need to” when it could be a “want to”??

Think about it….


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