By Katherine Ryan on September 23, 2016

I am excited to announce the  expansion of Harmony Counseling’s services to include Family Mediation.  I believe that when mediation is used to resolve conflict peace stands a greater chance of being achieved, possibly, even, Harmony…  Family Mediation can fall under three umbrellas:

Mediation to Stay Together:  Often a couple wants to remain together and is facing challenges on doing so.  I can help both people come to an agreement on those challenges.

Divorce Mediation:  When a couple chooses to separate I can assist with developing the Separation Agreement including developing a parenting plan along with the financial and other components.

Also under the umbrella of Divorce Mediation falls mediating changes to an agreement, mediating co-parenting differences and serving as a Parenting Coordinator.

Family Mediation:  Family Mediation includes mediating disputes among family members including disagreements between parents and their children and creating a parenting plan for parents who are not married.  Many topics that are areas of conflict within families can be mediated.

People may wonder why I have chosen to expand in this particular area.  For me, it seems natural.  I entered the mental health field with a specific intent of helping children.   Children have parents.  Sometimes those parents live apart and sometimes they live together.  In helping the parents I am helping the children.  Helping parents have an amicable divorce or parenting plan, whether married or not, often paves the way for amicable co-parenting, which again, directly benefits the children.

I have invested in a 40-hour Mediation Course in the foundation and principles of basic mediation and have invested further in an advanced training in Divorce Mediation and in a family mediation internship.   I currently volunteer in a small claims court on the North Shore.   My fees are reflective of being a new mediator.

Please contact me to discuss how these services may be helpful to you, 978-561-1927 or email,


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