Giving Thanks vs. Getting Stuff

By admin on November 25, 2013

Thursday is our national day of giving thanks. Lately it seems as though the day is overshadowed with the Christian holiday of Christmas. Umm, let me make that sentence more accurate, Lately it seems as though retailers are trying to rev people into a buying frenzy and people are allowing it to happen. Thanksgiving is not about shopping and Christmas isn’t about shopping either. People value experiences shared with others more than material gifts. Is that accurate for you? Think of a special person, now think of your fondest memories ~ do those memories involve spending time with them or the presents they might have given you?

Instead of worrying about Christmas, I:

invite you to postpone Christmas madness until the Thanksgiving holiday is over (that means Monday),

invite you to suspend the idea that Thanksgiving needs to be “perfect” and to give thanks for what it is,

invite you to hold hands at the table and for each person to share what they are specifically give thanks for this year,

invite you to postpone the cleaning up after dinner and instead for everyone to bundle up and go for a walk and notice the sky, the trees, the air and each other,

invite you to, instead of shopping, to write two letters (not emails, not texts) to people you may not be in regular contact with but who have touched your heart and thank them for being special to you,

invite you to take back your power and S L O W your life down.

As Gandi said, “There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.”

Wishing you peace on Thanksgiving,


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