Happy Anniversary! BIG NEWS! Announcing the Life Weavers Sanctuary

By admin on February 12, 2014

I yearn to hear and to live in accordance with the Voice that speaks from
my heart and whispers in the trees.

I yearn to feel my feelings, to accept my beauty, and to love myself for the magnificent being that I truly am.

I yearn for the compassion to forgive myself, and for the compassion and
understanding to forgive those who I believe have harmed me.

I yearn to wake each morning and be thankful for the gift of life, to view others in my life with gratitude for the gifts they bring to me that I might
learn and grow and remember.

I year to cry and to cry and to cry that I may wash away the pain and bitter sorrow that feasts on my soul, and to cry again, to cleanse the wounds of the lost child within me.

I yearn to know and believe that I am as deserving as any child of God of the richness and abundance provided by the Divine, and for the willingness and courage to accept and experience that richness and abundance.

I yearn for joy and happiness and the wisdom of all the dead poets.

I yearn to be sensitive to the needs of others, to hear their cries, to recognize and acknowledge the gifts that I bring to this life, and to selflessly give of myself in the service of humanity.

I yearn to be humble and to accept responsibility for the conditions of
my life.

I yearn to be more sensitive to the needs of my own soul, to honor those
needs, and to be less vulnerable to the petty demands of my ego.

I yearn for the freedom and spontaneity to dream and imagine, to expand my vision of life.

I yearn to release my perception of the haunting memories of the past, and I pray for the courage to surrender to the love that is within.

I yearn to travel, to explore distant lands, to meet the wonderful peoples of the world.

I yearn to share in their celebrations, to eat their foods, to sing their songs and to dance their dance.

-Jack Newton


239 Boston Street, Topsfield, MA 01983