By Katherine Ryan on October 3, 2014

introspection by Gisela Giardino

“Introspection”  ~ Gisela Giardino




Homework help is here!  In my counseling practice located here in Topsfield Massachusetts I sometimes work with youth who are overwhelmed by homework.  And, like adults, when kids become overwhelmed they often become stuck, unable to move forward.  Being stuck is part of a nasty cycle.  When kids are stuck they avoid doing what is the cause of them being overwhelmed, in this case homework.  So…  they are behind on their homework, feeling overwhelmed and increasingly anxious, can’t figure out where to begin tackling the homework, so they don’t tackle the homework, get further behind, increased feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious and so it continues.

Here are my Top 3 Homework Help Tips for breaking that cycle:

Homework Help Tip #1

If you can, consult with an adult and ask for their assistance in speaking with your teachers.  If you feel as though you can’t talk to an adult, talk to your teachers and ask for an extension on your due dates.  DO NOT COMMITT TO A DATE THAT ISN”T REASONABLE FOR YOU.

Homework Help Tip #2

Make an attack plan.  You may find an adult can be helpful making a plan.  There are several different ways you can approach the attack plan.  One is to prioritize by date due; you would do the homework that has the nearest due date first.  Second is to prioritize by favorite subject, do your least favorite first.  You’ll feel better having that out of your way.  Third is to prioritize by importance.  In order to experience success and break the cycle include keeping current on homework while playing catch-up part of your attack plan.

Homework Help Tip #3

Ask for help.  Whatever you need, ask for it.  It could be help understanding a problem or concept.  Ask for help.  Maybe you need a different environment to do homework (quieter, louder, music, no music, TV, no TV, no siblings or quiet siblings) Ask for help.  Everyone needs help now and again.  I still ask for help when it comes to Math!

There you have it!  I hope you found these tips helpful in staying on top of homework.  If you continue to experience feeling overwhelmed and anxious call a local mental health professional, or, of course, you can always call Harmony Counseling in Topsfield MA, 978-561-1927 to arrange an appointment.


katherine~ Katherine Ryan is a LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) practicing in Topsfield, Massachusetts where she enjoy helping adults, children and teens become unstuck.



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