When you consider the investment of psychotherapy or mediation in time, money and energy, also consider what has been the cost of staying stuck and not moving forward in your life.

Psychotherapy ~ Counseling

  • Initial Counseling Assessment
  • Individual Psychotherapy ~ Individual Counseling
  • Family Psychotherapy ~ Family Counseling
  • Equine Assisted Growth & Learning ~ Individual, Family, Corporations, Non-Profits

If paying privately, psychotherapy services range from $130 to $200 per hour and are scheduled for 50 minute sessions. Fees for Equine Assisted Growth & Learning begin at $350 per 90 minutes.

Family Mediation

  • Parent & Child Mediation
  • Couples Mediating to Stay Together
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Parent Coordinator

All mediation services are scheduled for 2 hours and the fee is $200 per hour.

Other Services

  • Clinical Consultation
  • School/home observations with recommendations
  • Attendance and Participation in IEP meetings
  • Collaboration with other Professionals
  • Report/Letter Writing
  • Phone Consultation

Other services are billed at the usual rate in 15 minute increments.


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