Starting In September ~ Life Weavers’ Sanctuary

By Katherine Ryan on August 8, 2018

I am excited to announce that the long awaited Life Weavers’ Sanctuary is scheduled to begin in September.  The curriculum has been developed and the space located and reserved.  Are you ready?  Read on for full information.

Life Weaving Tapestry offers participants (Weavers) an opportunity and sanctuary to focus on envisioning, transforming and achieving the life they design and deserve.  The Program has 3 phases.  In Phase I Weavers envision their life and create a tapestry of their vision.  In Phase II Weavers learns the skills to transform any obstacles the may get in the way.  Phase III is where launching the vision happens and Weavers receive on-going support, skill-building and peer accountability to activate their vision and live fully in the life of their design and choosing.

In each meeting of this dynamic, interactive program Weavers will participate in experiential experience exercises and learn skills.  Between meetings Weavers will be able to connect with others in an interactive online community.  Phases I & II consists of 6 meetings of 90 minutes.  Phase III is on-going and is offered in 6-week sessions.  Phases I is available as a stand-alone, completion of Phase I is required to participate in Phase II and Phase I & II are required to participate in Phase III.

Who is a Weaver?

A Weaver is one who ponders “Here I am and it isn’t where I want to be”.  “How do I get somewhere else?  What do I need to re-discover my joy and passion and claim the life I deserve?”  “Who can help me?”  The person who is willing to invest in themselves with time, energy and money will experience success.

What are the Key Components of the Program?

Phase I:  6 90-minute weekly meetings designed to help the participants re-engage with the deepest part of themselves.  The part that dreamed of “When I grow up I am going to…”  Creative juices will be stirred by meditation and visualization exercises and by crafting a multi-medium representation of their vision.  Supplies will be provided and participants will be encouraged to contribute individual items.  Phase I also includes one individual coaching session.

Phase II: 6 90-minute weekly meetings that will be interactive and challenging.  Weavers will be asked to introduce their “Thieves” (fears and barricades) to the other Weavers.  Each Weaver will learn the skills necessary to tame and befriend their Thief.  Phase II also includes one individual coaching session.

Phase III On-going, bi-weekly, 90-minute meetings offered in blocks of 6.  Here Weavers will begin to implement their vision, their tapestry, all the while receiving support and encouragement from other weavers and the facilitator.  Individual challenges will be surmounted and barriers will crumble.

Weaver’s Investment Schedule

Phase I                         $487

Phase II                        $487

Phase III                       $437

Total Investment         $1411

Discounts available

  • Purchase Phase I and Phase II together and pay only $897
  • Purchase all three Phases together and pay only $1197

Discounts are available to those who opt to pay in full via cash.

Purchase Options Available

Purchase all three phases on a payment plan

  • Easy 4 pay plan ~ only $352.75 every 21 days
  • Easy 3 pay plan ~ only $471.00 every 21 days

Purchase Phase I and Phase II on a payment plan

  • Easy 3 pay plan ~ only $299.00 every 21 days
  • Easy 4 pay plan ~ only $224.25 every 21 days

Please call me @ 978-561-1927 or email @ to see if this would be for you and to save your spot.  We begin in September!  That’s right around the corner :-0



239 Boston Street, Topsfield, MA 01983