The Unplugged Followup

By Katherine Ryan on September 15, 2016

So… some of you may be wondering how my weekend being unplugged went…
Well, I had mixed results. I encountered a few challenges. One of the challenges was that I didn’t prepare alternate activities for when I typically watch TV. I ended up watching TV both Friday and Saturday evenings. The other challenge was that some of the people I connect with use FB messenger, exclusively. I hadn’t thought that through or given them my phone number; I ended up checking Messenger once in the AM and once in the PM.
Other than that it was lovely! I am going to continue to schedule unplugged weekends monthly. Next month I will have a plan for down time that includes pleasurable activities and I will make sure everyone I am in contact with has the means to reach me.
Have you been deliberately unplugged? How did it go for you? Share your results on my FaceBook page:


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