By Katherine Ryan on October 21, 2016


Some of you may know that I was fortunate enough to participate in an EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) Part I training last week.  WOW!  Let me repeat myself, WOW!  The training had fantastic components; it was held in a beautiful location, Mustard Seed Farm in Foster RI,  the food was too good to try to explain (I had pumpkin pie all three days :-0 ) the trainers were thoughtful and clear in their explanations and allowed ample room for questions.

But…  I must say… the stars of the training were the horses!  I was blown away at my and my colleagues experience with the horses.  Horses have been a part of my life for most of my life and I am well aware of the connection and healing that can form between a horse and its human.   Their ability to read people and offer instantaneous feedback allowed the majority of us to experience positive shifts.  We explored a variety of topics, such as communication, conflict, teamwork, self-acceptance and self-esteem, to name a few.

I am pleased to say that I am now EAGALA trained and can offer growth and learning opportunities to individuals, families, couples as well as to corporations.  I am looking forward to incorporating equine assisted learning as part of my practice.  In keeping the fidelity of the model I have a team member (& horses) who is an equine specialist who will focus on the horses while I focus on you.  What, if anything, you want to share is up to you.  If this piques your interest at all, reach out to me!  It would be my pleasure to tell you more and to facilitate an experience that may bring about a positive shift for you.

  KMR07. re-size 3 07.14 D  Katherine Ryan is a LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) & “Soul Stitcher”.  Her private practice (Harmony Counseling) is located in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  Katherine enjoys helping adults, children and teens become unstuck through psychotherapy, mediation or equine assisted growth and learning opportunities.  You may reach her @ 978-561-1927 or



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